Bonds Baby Search has lead me to conclude..

There is a overbundance of the following in Australia. 2008 Ranking McCrindle Research.

Grace (14), Coen, Jayden, Zoe (20), Isabelle, Sienna (10), Kai, Lachlan (3), Cooper (7), Ava (11), Jai, Abbey, Charlie, Zachary, Brock, Maya, Noah (10), Olivia(7) , Chloe (5), Taj, Cody, Jacob, Matilda, Riley (6), Taylah, Scarlett, Jackson,Ethan (9), Xavier, Angus, Caleb, Mia (3), Summer, William (4), Sky, Lily (9), Xander, Isla, Marli, Emily (2), Caitlin, Indiana, Charlotte (6), Layla, Logan, Nathan, Lola, Jack (1), Joshua (2), Addison, Archie, Maddison, Mason, Bailey.

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    SarahInJune said,

    It’s interesting to see the differences. Matilda, Archie, Taj and Angus are still rare here. I personally love Matilda & Archie. I think if we get a cat I’m going to name him Archimedes so that I can call it Archie. Our old cat was named George Clooney.

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      babynamelover said,

      Taj really surprised me! Archimedes is an awesome name for a cat, George Clooney is pretty cool too! I hope you get a new cat soon 🙂

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    Bewildertrix said,

    Just on the last six months of ‘studying’ their BAs. I’d agree with you on Charlotte, Sienna (astounds me!), Lachlan and Cooper. So much so I actually drop them from the BAs I post otherwise they’d overrun the list. I have to mention this in my post otherwise people are getting a skewed idea of what’s hot there. Just an annoyance thing for me. The Siennas usually have awfully named sibs e.g Jett, Jhye, etc.. so I do tend to include a few of those 😉

    Taj, Kai, Charlie/Charli, Jai, Jayden, Coen (usually Cohen), Cody (various spellings), Taylah (various spellings), Layla (various spellings) represent highly too.

    I don’t like the name but it’s nice to see that Baileys are male 70% of the time.

    I rarely see Addison. A recent one was a boy but Maddison/Madison is big.

    I see lots of Matilda (#14 in NSW) but I love seeing it so I always post them. It’s seems to appeal to a lot of parents given the middle names it’s put with. Anything from Emily to Ryelyn. I find the same with Imogen which is there every day of BAs and one I expected to see on the list.

    I’m surprised not to see Xanthe mentioned but maybe that will be the next Bond search given how many are being born now 😉

    Popularity wise, Isla is one of the least popular names out of all the girls you listed which proves the Aussies are a tad behind us on this one.

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      babynamelover said,

      I am about page 700 of over 900 babies through! Its an effort I tell you but its fun 🙂 distracts me from my assignment :P.
      I actually thought Sienna had done its dash as the popularity must be almost 4 years old? I could be wrong though. There was plenty of Jett’s too that should have been on the list :).

      I like Bailey on a girl bit of a GP I love Miranda Bailey who is on Grey’s Anatomy. There was several girl Addison’s don’t think I saw a boy but will let you know if I do, I have meet a boy Addison.

      I had no idea Imogen was so popular, My Mum loves it. Is it so popular in NZ do you think?

      Hehe yup maybe a little too early for Xanthe don’t think I have even seen one but I could be wrong :P.

      What do you mean by tad behind with Isla?

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        Bewildertrix said,

        Here it’s 30. In NSW, for example, it’s #74. In Victoria, it’s #64. Stella is more popular than Isla. I think in general Aus is about a year behind.

        Sienna remains very popular. I can’t see it dropping just yet. Top ten in most states for a few years. Until I started looking at these BAs I thought it was around #30 or #40 like Scarlett so I was shocked to see it top ten. It moved up, not down, in a few states. I see it every day I look at the BAs which are gleaned from around the country.

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        babynamelover said,

        Wow it is quite far behind in Australia! How can you see individual states? I would have thought Aus would have been ahead of NZ do you think most of our trends come from USA and from England less so?

        I Thought Sienna was okay until it got uber popular and now I am sick of it! I wonder if next year it will drop out of top ten? Where do you think Isla wil be for 2009 in Australia? If I had more time I would look at BA’s 🙂

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