Name for today- Charlie (m)

Diminutive or feminine form of CHARLES. A famous bearer is Charlie Brown, the main character in the comic strip ‘Peanuts’ by Charles Schulz (Behind the name)

Mum and Dad have a pet sheep called Charlie Brown, theres also Maisy & Poppy and then their babies. Maisy has Lola and b/b twins and Poppy has Marshmellow and b/g twins I think. The new twins don’t have names cause they going to be eaten I think.

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    Bewildertrix said,

    Hate! Well, that’s a strong word. Dislike greatly 😛

    Because I’m regularly going through all the Aussie BAs, It’s like every second child (either sex) is a Charlie/Charli/Charley and if not one of those it’s the pet form I dislike, Charlotte or the mighty Charles. Actually, I’m noticing it a lot in the UK (non Times/Telegraph) BAs too. Frequently spelt Charlee for a girl :/

    Charli is huge in Oz and probably due to that ex kids HI-5 star with the same name. I find it a tad bogan stand alone on a girl. On a boy, less so and Charles is infinitely better. Spelt Charlie, I’d have no assumptions about the sex of the bearer unless I saw a middle name.

    With the exception of Charles, I’m not really a Cha-/Sha/– fan. Charmaine, Chantelle, Channelle, Chardonnay, Charlize, Charlene, Charelle (and even Charlotte). Along with Sharon, Sharona, Shaylee, Shayla, Shayna, Shawna. I find them all quite tacky, personally. 😦 Most don’t have a good reputation here.

    “The new twins don’t have names cause they going to be eaten I think.”

    I sniggered and I shouldn’t have 😛

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      babynamelover said,

      You can say hate, I hate Charli and variants on a girl. I find it bogan stand alone too I would prefer Charlotte even though like you I’m not a fan either. I like Charles in the middle. Charlie actually makes me think of a dogs name. I don’t like the Cha/Sha names either Ill add Shari, Sharna, Shay to that list 😛 also don’t like Chantal, Chanelle or Charlize either!!

      It’s okay I would have laughed too 🙂 I want them to name them but I guess they get less attached if they don’t. My favourite were the first sheep we had twins Minnie & Billy, but they both got poisoned by a plant (Dad didn’t realise was poisonous) I was so attached :(. don’t see the other sheep so much as my parents are in Timaru but Charlie Brown did chase me one day I was there and I had to run in Jandals and climb up on the fence before he bunted me.

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        Bewildertrix said,

        I had a pet sheep called Sophie. She came with the property which was a school house with a couple of paddocks adjacent. She was the fattest thing on this earth. I saw her lying in the paddock one day on her back, legs stiff in the air. I was most upset.

        We borrowed all our pet lambs from the neighbours for the annual pet day/competitions. I think we had them for a few months and then handed them back. That was hard when you practically raise the little things – bottle feed etc.. I loved doing that 🙂

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        babynamelover said,

        Naww thats so sad about Sophie 😦 I didn’t see them dead, I came home and they had buried the first one and the second one I didn’t, they have little green crosses made out of wood with their names, Dad buried them in Mum’s Garden, Mum said he dug for like an hour or more. Guess he must have loved them too.

        Thats what we did with Minnie & Billy and I did most of the bottles cause the novelty wore off for my siblings but I loved to do it. My younger siblings took Maisey I think to pet day on a lead 🙂 I never got to do that I went to a school in town.

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    Bewildertrix said,

    Small rural schools have their bonuses 😉 I preferred them to town schools which I attended later in my childhood. A completely different feel. Pros and cons to both of course.

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