Girl twins g/g

Zelda & Anne

Anne & Batsheba

Bathsheba & Caroline

Caroline &  Wren

Wren & Audrey

Audrey & Violet

Violet & Araminta

Araminta & Cecily

Cecily & Rosa

Rosa & Isobel

Isobel & Katherine

Katherine & Rosemary

Rosemary & Cordelia

Cordelia & Adele

Adele & Cora

Cora & Maude

Maude & Harriet

Harriet & Theodora

Theodora & Margaret

Margaret & Lucinda

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  1. 1

    Sarah said,

    Zelda & Anne

    Caroline & Wren

    Violet & Araminta

    Araminta & Cecily

    Rosa & Isobel

    Cordelia & Adele

    Cora & Maude

    Harriet & Theodora

    So pretty.

    • 2

      babynamelover said,

      Thank you 🙂 Do you have any names that you like for twins? I must do some for boys. I must go to bed earlier and I also must do my assignment 😛

      • 3

        Sarah said,

        I’ve always thought Eulalie & Annabel would be cool (both the name of EAP poems. The same w/ Eulalie and Israfel (G/B combo).

        I like Amos & Ezra together.

        Atticus & Ulysses

        Olwen & Morgana come from similar backgrounds

        Matilda & Ramona

        I’ve never really thought too much about twins though. There are some on my husbands side but it doesn’t really seem likely. Oh, I LOVED your idea of putting a blackboard by the bed. I’m so going to do that when the time comes.

      • 4

        babynamelover said,

        I went we did short story or poem by him in High School can’t remember what it was called though.
        Eulalie & Annabel are pretty together! Israfel is interesting I like Israel and Raphael.
        Amos & Ezra are cool and Atticus & Ulysses are awesome. I don’t know how I feel about Ramona but she sits nicely with Matilda 🙂
        I have one of those magnadoodle things where you write with a special pen then slide across to erase. I have boys and girls names on there. We have a whole heap more boys than girls though. Do you have more for one gender?

      • 5

        Sarah said,

        waaay more girls names. i’m always adding them too, which sucks because i could happily use any one of them. boy names are the problem. i cant seem to find one that just clicks for me.

        for a girl, what do you think of Solveig pron Soul~vay?

      • 6

        babynamelover said,

        Opposite to me lol we have so many on our boys list. not as many as on my fav’s though!
        Its pretty but I worry about people not knowing how to say it? where does it come from? does it have a special meaning?

      • 7

        Sarah said,

        it’s old norse. not something i’m seriously considering but I do think its special. throw an h on the end and pronounciation would be am issue.

      • 8

        babynamelover said,

        Old norse I don’t know many names from there I should google it. It reminds me of Sol- which means sun? I like Solana. theres another that I can’t remember oh its Soleil and Solange but I don’t know how to say those two!

      • 9

        lili said,

        So many more girls names! I think it’s because I am pretty settled and satisfied with my boy’s. I just can’t seem to find the perfect girl name that gives me the same level of satisfaction as the boy’s, if that makes sense.

        But I’m sure the right name is out there, it’s just a matter of finding it!

      • 10

        babynamelover said,

        It took me ages to find my favourite girls 🙂 on our list hubby and I we have way more boys but on my Fav lists its about equal of both gender I think.
        Hubby said to me the other day we have our names all sorted why I keep looking I tell him well I just love names 🙂 hehe

  2. 11

    lili said,

    Rosa and Isobel.. simple and lovely 🙂

    • 12

      babynamelover said,

      Thank you for your thoughts 🙂 I like that one too :). Do you have any favourite twin names?

      • 13

        lili said,

        Of course! haha..

        For girls I love Esme and Eden. No middle names yet, I’m keeping my eye out for the right ones 🙂

        And for boys I love Emmett Henry and Arlo James.

        Who knows if we’ll have twins (it runs significantly in my husbands family, and just a little in mine), but it’s good to be prepared right? 🙂

      • 14

        babynamelover said,

        It is good to be prepared 🙂 I don’t like names beginning with the same letter for twins but Eden & Esme are quite different sounding. Emmett Henry is handsome we love Emmett too 🙂 Arlo is pretty cool especially with James! I love names ending in o 🙂 nameberry did a post about it recently.

  3. 15

    Bewildertrix said,

    If I contracted Theodora into Theda, I’d love Theda and Violet. I think I used to fancy the pairing Theda Violet anyway so it makes sense.

    That and controversial but popular Theda Bara was freaking awesome.

    • 16

      babynamelover said,

      I have never heard of Theodora going into Theda. Theda & Violet is gorgeous! when would you find out if it’s one or two? 🙂
      She was born Theodosia thats pretty cool too.

      • 17

        Bewildertrix said,

        Theda has just gone on my big messy list. I forgot how much I liked it so thanks for jogging the memory.

        Aarrrrgh! No mention of that possibility. It’s remote. My paternal grandmother, June, was a twin but her brother was very poorly formed and died before being birthed. My gut instinct says I’m not carrying two and that’s just fine by me 😛 Three children is greedy enough! Both the GP and midwife said symptoms can vary greatly from pregnancy to pregnancy, I’ve just not experienced that until now. My first visit from Chris my midwife is tomorrow (I’ve spoken with her over the phone at this stage) and I will tell her I’d rather not have an early 8 or 9 week scan when I’m going to have the routine one at 11-12 weeks. A few weeks difference, well, doesn’t make any difference 😉 It’s great that I have the same midwife three times in a row. Makes life a whole lot easier and with women struggling to find an available independent, I feel very privileged.

      • 18

        babynamelover said,

        Big messy list? ooh that sounds interesting 😉 Aww thats sad 😦 my Nan had twins that both died she is my Paternal Grandmother too. they were called Margaret & Joan. I may have told you about them before?
        Did you see the Australian author of “the triplet diaries” on tv last night? I have read the book its good, she has a child then falls pregnant naturally with triplets when her first is 11months.
        Hope your gut instinct is right 🙂 You are very lucky to have the same midwife they can be so tricky to get sometimes, I know there has been a really shortage here in ChCh. Good luck with the midwife visit 🙂

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