Twin girl names g/g

Cordelia & Beatrice

Beatrice & Eleanor

Eleanor & Frances

Frances & Juniper

Juniper & Katherine

Katherine & Lucille

Lucille & Madeleine

Madeleine & Philippa

Philippa & Rosamund

Rosamund & Seraphine

Seraphine & Tabitha

Tabitha & Ursula

Ursula & Vivienne

Vivienne & Willamina

Willamina & Zelda

Thoughts? suggestions?

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  1. 1

    Sarah said,

    Beautiful combos. I especially like

    Cordelia & Beatrice

    Frances & Juniper

    Rosamund & Seraphine

    Willamina & Zelda

    I wish I had a romantic name. I was always 1 of 5 Sarahs in every class .

    • 2

      babynamelover said,

      Thanks for your thoughts 🙂 you have picked out my favourites 🙂 I was bored waiting for a lady to get back to give us our grades at Uni and had a play around I put the other half up today 🙂 Sometimes I like being Anna sometimes I wished I too had a more romantic name. Seraphine is a pretty alternative to Sarah, did you ever go by Sadie?

  2. 3

    Sarah said,

    I wish, I’ve always loved the name Sadie. The only nickname I’ve every really had was Nai, which evolved from Say.

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