Ketchikan General Hospital

Births from April-September

Francis Carlene, Ashlen Rain, Brynn Tamara, Lillian Genevieve, Diana Rose, Gayle Garnett, Rhemalie Millendez, Kalani Lyn, Aundrea Daisy, Violet Ray, Ellianna Mae, Khloe Mallary Lynn, Clara May, Isabella Hayden Jade, Jourdan Summer, Daffnie Patience, Amiyah Dawn, Ahrianna Lydia, Zeren Catherine, Jewely Jawn, Harlie Leigdine, Gianna Mikhaella, Auvee Christine, Meliah Anne, Simone Rose, Iris Eneida, Joelly Rhyann, Kassidy Alberta Laine.

Taran Noah, Brennan Deward Norman, London Lee’Roy, Zigmund Nicholas, George Nix, Rylan Reese, Torran James, Cyrus Marius, Vincent Walter Myron, Cordell Winna, Gianni Richard, Treven Thomas Gabriel, Gunnar Patrick, Syrus Lee, Paxton Dean, Alexanderlee Xavier, Atticus Levi, Tolemy, Lucian David, Emery Josef.

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  1. 1

    Sarah said,

    Violet Ray (It would be cute, but makes me think of a tanning bed instead).

    Daffnie (Makes you wonder if the mom is illiterate).

    Auvee (I’ve never heard of this before, is it like Ave?)

    Jewely Jawn (Gonna be a stripper for sure).

    I love Simone Rose & Iris Eneida

    Cordell Winna (I would LOVE the name Cordell if I weren’t from Pittsburgh. I’m afraid it would always be equated with Cordell Stewart).

    Tolemy (first time I heard it I hated it, but it’s growing on me).

    I really like Emery Josef & Zigmund Nicholas.

    Just had to put my 2cent in.

    • 2

      babynamelover said,

      Hehe thats so true about Violet Ray! Daffnie makes me think of Daffy Duck. Where does Eneida come from and how is it said?
      Cordell makes me think of those two sisters I don’t even know if its there last name or something the ones who got accused of drug traffic I think it was?
      Tolemy sounds like something out of Harry Potter I don’t know whether I like it or not. Emery is awesome on a boy 🙂 makes me think the boys can win some back :). Zigmund, where does that name come from Russia?
      Thanks for all your thoughts 😉

      • 3

        Sarah said,

        II think Zigmund is just a varient of Sigmund, which is old german. I’d never use it but it’s definitely fun.

      • 4

        babynamelover said,

        Oh its German! I love Z names 🙂 Zipporah, Zora, Ziggy, Zillah, Zelda & Ziva for girls. Zeus, Zakai, Zenos & Zebediah for boys 🙂 do you like any more Z names?

      • 5

        Sarah said,

        zebedee, zion and ziven are all pretty cool. I think Zebedee is definitely the hippest biblical name. 😉

      • 6

        babynamelover said,

        Zebedee is awesome 🙂 I like Zeb & Zed as nick names 🙂 oh Zion is cool too, I haven’t heard of Ziven I wonder if Ziva stems from that or its a seperate name 🙂

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