Duncan Regional Hospital

Births July- September 2009

Jayda Kay, Lesly Allison, Jeanean Leah, Serenity Marialuisa, Chrysandayne Reyna Marie, Kennedi Claire, Koriana Elizabeth Jewell, Paytyn Nicole, Cali Rose, Sadie Paige, Delaney Dawn, Kaydance May, Landry Kate,  Raylee Dawn, Kinsley Dallas, Preslie Nicole, Anastasha Breeann, London Grace, Zariyah Mo’Nae, Elisabeth June, Mycaela Paige, Domero Grace, Penny Ann, Makinnley Jo.

Kason Wayne, Keylan Antonio, Hudson Grant, Cobra Scott Adine, Ricardo Daniel, Wyatt Doc, Jonas Mark Bernd, Parker Paul, Evan Ray,  Deacon Edward, Mikah Tristin, Zayden Zakai, Traetyn Adam, Francisco Alejandro, Tanner Blake, Bentley Ray, Kendall Lynn, Joel Michael, Waylon James, Blaze Darren, Troy Don.

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  1. 1

    Sarah said,

    I like Serenity for a middle maybe, but in general i’ve always hated names like hope & grace.

    Poor Chrysandayne. Learning to spell her name is going to be a blast.

    I would have never believed that London would become so popular for girls.

    Mycaela just makes me sad.

    Cobra is a LOT for a kid to live up to. He’s either going to love it or hate it.

    Wyatt is awesome.

    I’ve never liked Deacon.

    A LOT of K names up there… It’s making me feel namers remorse for Kelson.

    • 2

      babynamelover said,

      We like Grace. The cat is Dakota Grace :P. Is Chrsyande a flower? what is the original spelling anyway? I think there is a celebrity with a London I believe theres an Ireland too?
      Mycaela is so crazy that the first time I have seen that spelling.
      Cobra is definitely interesting :)I can’t imagine a doctor or lawyer with that name.
      I think Kelson is pretty safe he has the son ending verus the aden ending or lan ending.

  2. 3

    appellationmountain said,

    What a list! Jeanean, Chrysandayne, Kennedi, Paytyn, Kaydance, Anastasha, Zariyah Mo’Nae, Mycaela and Makinnley – yikes! Talk about spelling headaches.

    I do like Landry Kate and Elisabeth June, though. And Domero Grace intrigues me.

    As for the boys, well – there are some manly men here, aren’t there? Kason Wayne, Hudson Grant, Cobra (!), Wyatt Doc and Blaze all sound like gunslingers, not newborns. And Zayden Zakai and Traetyn Adam – wow.

    • 4

      babynamelover said,

      I know I picked out the ones that were most interesting 🙂 there were some more “normal” ones. Where does Landry come from? reminds me of Laundry is all Is see when I look at it honestly. Domeno is interesting I agree I am a big fan of o ending names 🙂
      I like Zakai but Zayden can go in the pile of Kayden, Caiden, Jyden, Jayden, Aidan, Hayden’s.

  3. 5

    lili said,

    I thought I had seen all of the misspellings of Michaela.. while it is a lovely name (my nieces) it is beyond overused, and butchery like that doesn’t make it any better.. poor kid.

    • 6

      babynamelover said,

      That spelling is crazy I agree I had never seen that spelling before and it saddened me I much prefer Michaela too, Although I prefer Micah or Michael to Michaela. Thanks for stopping by 🙂

  4. 7

    shay120 said,

    These aren’t bad

    Elisabeth June

    Hudson Grant
    Jonas Mark Bernd

    The rest are really nms.

    • 8

      babynamelover said,

      I think Elisabeth June is quite pretty 🙂 the rest aren’t my style either most are horribly trendy and mis spelt.

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