Are they close? would people get confused?

which do you prefer?

Is Willa more masculine sounding? WILL-uh? or WILL-oh


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    Sebastiane said,

    I pretty much love all the Willa names. I do think they would be too close together. I don’t find Willa masculine at all. Right now my favorites are a cross between Willa and Willow.

    • 2

      babynamelover said,

      I think my favourite is Willamina nn Willa, do you think that would work? I wonder how popular Willow is in NZ I must go look 🙂
      thanks for stopping by Sebastiane!

  2. 3

    bewildertrix said,

    If I had the guts (or the stupidity) I’d love to use Willow on a BOY. There were plenty of male Willows during the 19th century. And I loved the 80’s fantasy film with the little Nelwyn hero by the same name. It’s annoying how girls tend to usurp most English nature names these days. Should be fair game. Ruby is another I prefer on a boy. Again, not workable now.

    That aside, I like both Willa and Willow but have gone right off fusty old granny knickers Wilhelmina 😛

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      babynamelover said,

      Ruby on a boy would be crazy! lol I can see how it would suit a boy, I actually like Willow on a boy! Why are all the boys names been stolen by girls anyways especially ones that end in son!! drives me nutty! I should do a post about that! Later must go to class, going to class 😛 hehe. We have a guest speaker from Japan today.

    • 5

      babynamelover said,

      lmao love how you call it granny knickers 😛

  3. 6

    brooke said,

    LOVE Willa (but have used it on a story character so probably won’t ever been using it on a real kid), used to dislike Willow, but met a really quite cool one and now I like it. I know two between 8 and 11 in NZ, if that helps at all! Willamina…I don’t think I like it. I definitely don’t like Wilhelmina, but Willamina is closer to Willa, which = closer to coolness 😛
    What do you mean by too close? Too close for siblings? Definitely. Cousins, could probably get away with it, depending on how often they saw each other.
    I find Willa slightly more feminine than Willow, probably purely by virtue of the fact that Willow is a nature name and therefore more gender neutral (to me anyway). Both Willows that I know are kind of tomboys too, which probably helps.

    • 7

      babynamelover said,

      To close like would Willa always get called the more common Willow? Hehe thanks for all your thoughts on Willa/Willow/Willamina/Wilhelmina. I have gone off Wilhelmina now and I think I like Willamina the best definitely nn Willa.
      Kellie (Bellatrix) said she liked Willow on a boy and its really growing on me for a boy. What do you think about it on a boy?
      Oh and thanks for stopping by hope you have a great trip away 🙂

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