Horse names Friday September 18th

I quite often look at them my Dad watches the horse races on TAB and it is a childhood memory πŸ™‚

Kelly Evander, Hayleigh Anne, Lavender Lace, Sarah Jane, Jade Bromac,

Ceda Storm, Neville Vaughan, Elizabeth Anne, Biella Star, Selenite Rose,

Libbyelle, Baio Cavallo, Zadkiel, Carolyn Angela, Kalinga Echo, Winlana,

Our Lily Belle, Viyella, Zabene, Kahlua, Satara, Jotilla, Zealandia, Ginella,

Hinemoa, Keyora, Te Akau Rose, Ishiabel, Romany, Zarvista, Melito,

Pendora, Romneya, Revy Jay, Raffaello, Neroli,Zenad.

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  1. 1

    Sarah said,

    When I read the name Kelly Evander it threw me for a moment. My son’s name is Kelson Everett (we call him Kelly) and for a split second… Anyways, I love your blog.

    • 2

      babynamelover said,

      Thanks for stopping by! Everett is a very strong name! I haven’t heard of Kelson before it reminds me of the feminine Kelsey? I think it too is quite strong because of the son ending πŸ™‚ I went to school with a boy Kelly but it seems pretty feminised in NZ?

      • 3

        Sarah said,

        Kelson Everett is a strong name, but he definitely lives up to it. We do call him Kelly & strongly considered Kelsey when naming him, but ultimately decided that it might be confusing on paper.

      • 4

        babynamelover said,

        I like Kelsey for a boy also Kendall I think my Dad considered both for us and also Randall but I don’t think Mum liked them. I went to school with a girl Kelly, is Kelsey originally a boys name do you know? He is your first? What names do you love?

  2. 5

    Sarah said,

    I believe that Kelsey is a boy’s name orginally. Kelson is my 2nd born, Our first is Remy James. My absolute favorite names are :


    Evander Eros
    Felix Foxglove (Just a fun name to say)
    Lysander (Hubby hates it)
    Oscar Pendragon
    River Indigo
    Ulysses Oak
    Whitney (But since it’s been taken by the girls…)

    For boys middle names I love:

    Eros (God of Love)
    Zaphod (from Hitchhikers guide)
    Foxglove (Because it makes me smile)
    Forsythe (after my fav Prof)
    Bartleby (From the Herman Melville story)

    Girls: Eulalie Frances (nicknamed EFfie due to our love of the show Skins).

    My other faves are

    Anna Mae (Anime)
    Arcadia/Arkady Elletra (Sounds like a superhero IMO)
    Astrid Iris
    Chihiro (from the movie spirited away. nn Hero)
    Cordelia Clover (love this name combo)
    Flora Foxglove
    India Violet (nn IVy)
    Pandora (nn panda or dora)
    Petra (Everyone else hates it)
    Phaedra Flora
    Zelda (Everyone hates it )

    Middle Names

    Iris (Goo Goo Dolls song)
    Mariella (Kate Nash song)
    Ozma (Wizard of Oz)
    Vermilion (I just like the colour)

    You’re probably sorry you asked πŸ˜‰ What are your absolute tops

    • 6

      babynamelover said,

      Ooh I like Remy and Remo! I will be back later to comment on your list πŸ™‚ so glad you shared πŸ™‚ I really have to get off this blog and go to class :P.
      I am in the process of updating my favs theres a page called “anna’s favs” or something to that accord should be up the top. If I get time tonight/tomorrow as we have no classes I will update my fav’s πŸ™‚ be back later πŸ™‚

    • 7

      babynamelover said,

      Is Eben said like Eden? If it is I like it πŸ™‚ I also like Atticus, Amos, Evander, Gideon, Oscar & River.
      Eros is awesome!
      Eulalie Frances is pretty πŸ™‚
      I like Anna Mae but I am biased πŸ˜›
      Astrid Iris is pretty, Cordelia Clover is cool as is Flora Floxglove! India Violet nn Ivy is awesome :). Noemi is cool I like Matilda too but worry about popular.
      I really like Pandora too!! Winifred & Zelda are awesome too! I like Electra is that like Elettra?

      • 8

        Sarah said,

        Eben is pronounced like Eden, although it’s short for Ebenezer. I love the meaning behind the name Ebenezer, but i’m not sure whether I’d be brave enough to use the whole name. I agree about Matilda’s popularity, and as far as Winifred, my dad has a dog named Fred, which also kills my passion for Frederic. Elettra means brilliant so it must be related to Electra. I’d love any other suggestions that you think would fit my style.

      • 9

        babynamelover said,

        Eben is awesome! I might have to ask hubby about it? do you mind? He doesn’t like it :(. I love the nickname Tilly though. I think I prefer the softer Elettra to Electra. I must have a look back through the greek names I pulled out of mythology too!
        Hmmm I will have to have a think and get back to you πŸ™‚ have you tried nymbler you can put in a top 6 of either gender and it spits out similar names?
        its very fun πŸ™‚

      • 10

        Sarah said,

        I’m not a huge fan of Nymbler, its suggestions never really suit me. I prefer Elettra too. I’m a big fan of names from mythology, but most of them are too hard for me. Sucks that your hubby didn’t go for Eben, I think i’ve got mine sold on it. Not really sure about a middle for it though.

      • 11

        babynamelover said,

        Do you like to use family middles? did you see my suggestions hope there is one you like there πŸ™‚

  3. 12

    bewildertrix said,

    Kelly is still overwhelmingly female here and I hate that. Sure you find the odd male Kelly but they’re few and far between. It was unfortunately bestowed on me and I plan on giving it as a second middle for another son. Perhaps even the older form, Ceallach. I love the idea of a using Kelly or Celly (closer to the original name ) on my boy but I’d find that almost ‘arrogant’ in a sense to give him my first name. I’m all for honouring important and much loved familial members, but myself? Not so much. I just love the name on a boy. Period πŸ˜‰

    If not Kelly, I’d love Ashley or Robin.

    Kelsey –

    • 13

      babynamelover said,

      I prefer Callie on a girl as a short form of Calliope. But I think Kelly seems masculine to me. Is your first name Kelly? or a middle? I like the look of Ceallach.
      We are going to do family middles we have Margaret, Margaret Joan (Nan and my Mil ) Frank & Steven (my grandads) Jillian (my mum) and Allan (my Dad) that we will probably use to honor.

    • 14

      Sarah said,

      I LOVE Ashley for a boy. I say we steal the boy names back!

      • 15

        babynamelover said,

        I think my sister went to school with a male Ashley but I haven’t seen any for awhile, you could use it suspect the latest wave of Ashton and Ashlyns will probably distract from a boy called Ashley πŸ™‚ I have friends with an Ashtin Jhon and a Ashlyn Iris Mary.

  4. 16

    bewildertrix said,

    Kellie. IE. Father named me after one of his favourite pupils. I think a few teachers did that although I’m not happy that I got A. A common as mud Irish surname and B. One of the trendiest girls picks of the 70’s/80’s. My next sister was a Kimberley. How clichΓ© is that?

    My mother’s a Margaret. She’s not exactly my favourite person but I think I’ve more been put of her complete hatred of her own name over the years. She never went by Margaret and woe betide anyone who dared use it. She preferred Margie (MAHR gee) – hard G which I think is far, far worse than her full name. It’s a bit like Madge or Marge.

    • 17

      babynamelover said,

      What are you middles? would you prefer it with a y? Kellie and Kimberley is pretty cutsey πŸ™‚ my hubby named the cat after a girl in a centre he was relieving at although her name was Dakoda and our cat is Dakota. Funny you say that about your Mum not liking her name I can’t remember whether it was my Nan or my Mil but they said Margaret was boring and they wished they had Margareta! Will have to find out which one it was! I have meet a Meg who will be 5 now and on my last placement there was a Maggie middle May and sister Molly Rose aren’t they both variants of Margaret.

      • 18

        bewildertrix said,

        June and my birth surname.

        Kelly with a Y is the default anglicisation although visually I prefer the Celly anglicisation which was used at one point too. I tend to dislike most of the anglicisation that use Ks such as Kevin, Keeley, Keeva etc..

        I know of a Maggie-May. She’s almost 5. I wish it was hyphenated as it gives her more options.

        My mother seemed to find her name uppity, drab and too ‘old’ for her. Although Margie was hardly an improvement. Greta, now there’s a lovely short form over Margie and the blue rinsey Madge and Marge. I can’t put an ‘age’ on a Greta.

        Kellie and Kimberley is plain cheesy. I prefer both Kelly and Kim on boys.

        The youngest male Ashley I knew of was an 8 year old a few years back. He was a whizz on the guitar. I have a feeling he will go places. I think a male Ashley wouldn’t get too much stick here. There’s a variety of Ashleys of varying ages still around.

      • 19

        babynamelover said,

        Ooh June is a cool middle!! So Kevin was originally a c? along with Keeley? I know Caiomhe is Keeva.
        I like Greta, Maggie & Meg oh and Daisy (or is Maisy thats a nn?) I would use Margaret up front πŸ™‚
        What would you use for a longer version of Kim on a boy?
        I have meet a total of about 2 Ashleighs younger than 5 the rest I know are my age early 20’s.

  5. 20

    bewildertrix said,

    Wish Maggie-May wasn’t hyphenated I meant. I didn’t use a hyphen for my daughter. I hated the idea.

  6. 29

    bewildertrix said,

    Kevin comes from CaoimhΓ­n and Keeley from Caolaidhe which formed part of a surname.

    Daisy works. The association with Margaret is via the French Margaret form, Marguerite which is also the name of the oxeye daisy. So is the Dutch form, Margriet.

    Maisy works too. It’s traditionally drawn from the Scottish Margaret form, Mairead.

    The bonus with Margaret is the abundance of nicknames. I adore Gretel. Gretchen is okay enough but both are very cutesy poo diminutives.

    Just Kim really. Kimberley does work. This is interesting:

    For something a bit more non-traditional, Joachim (YO a kim/jo AH kim) works too. There’s also Eliakim. Kim is also a super common Korean surname.

    It still astounds me that I’m still seeing female Ashleys/Ashleighs born here. Aus too. It’s a bit like the Hayley situation. These surnames don’t seem to go away despite the dated feel they have.

    • 30

      babynamelover said,

      Oh from same root as Caiomhe!

      I thought it was Daisy πŸ™‚ thanks πŸ™‚ oh and Maisy too. I don’t know if I like Gretel or not I keep thinking of the gingerbread house!
      I like Joachim!

      I haven’t meet many young Hayleys now you mention it. did that go through a similar revival like Madison, Taylah?

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