Names I dislike for no strange reason

Brandy,Missy, Tiffany, Whitney, Kristen, Ashley, Gina, Sophie, Amanda, Bonnie, Gladys, Barbara, Joan, Doris, Melody, Mildred, Mindy,Connie, Kylie, Lisa, Dawn, April, Tayla, Macey, Destiny, Aubrey, Sienna, Sierra, Savanah, Maureen, Olivia, Cheryl, Shawna, Trina, Kayla, Brenda, Bliss, Blaise, Blair, Abbey, Shirley, Simone, Bertha, Erma, Helga, Hilda, Hester, Brittany, Courtney, Kerryn, Tameka, Gabriella, Sue, Joanne, Patricia, Glenda, Riley, Charli, Hope, Charity, Angel, Emerson, Erica, Monica, Alyssa, Zoe, Shelby, Georgia, Linda, Vanessa, Paula, Carlie, Brindee, Brinley, Clarissa, Clare, Melissa, Melanie, Geraldine, Pamela,, Angela, Laura, Sharon, Wanda, Cindy, Trudy, Diane, Donna, Heidi, Carla, Megan, Lauren, Nancy, Danielle, Isabella, Marcia, Rochelle, Freda, Lynn, Jennifer, Coralie, Ashlin, Madison, Samantha, Kimberley, Karen, Judith, Ruth, Eliza, Marian, Julia, Chantal, Crystal, Natalia, Veronica, Susan.

Cody, Nathaniel, Jett, Billy, Bob, Dylan, Gavin, Jeffrey, Hunter,Brian, Clarence, Ralph, Richard, Gregory, Tyler, Christopher, Kevin, Wayne, Darren, Dane, Daryl, Jason, Daniel, Lester, Larry, Trevor, Travis, Brendan, Brent, Jonathan, Jerry, Craig, Quade, David, Chase, Xander, Jayden, Brayden, Kayden, Caelan, Harold, Roger, Dennis, Randy, Paul, Justin, Marvin, Gary, Bohdi, Levi, Raymond, Jordan, Todd, Derek, Scott, Shane, Daryl, Gordon, Kenneth, Kevin, Carl, Chad, Robert, Simon, Alvin, Sebastian, Lachlan, Ashton, Lennox, Mark, Austin, Bruce, Charles, Douglas, Harry, Edmund, Giles, Jesse, Keith, Ken, Maurice, Randall, Wendell, William, Martin, Jimmy, Jose, Willy, Brodie, Tyran, Jyden, Colt.

Tell me yours 🙂

I think a lot of the ones that are unappealing to me are from my parents generation, which is strange cause I like the ones of my 81year old Nan’s generation 🙂

Oh and feel free to convince me otherwise 🙂 I can be swayed! 😛


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  1. 1

    brooke said,

    I agree with a few of yours; although I don’t necessarily hate them, just find them ugly/whatever. Of your ‘hateds’ I like: Missy (as a nn for Messina, mainly because I love Missy Higgins), April, Hester, Charlie, Alyssa, Vanessa, Carly, Clare (love, but prefer Claire), Angela (used to hate it, now really like it), Laura, Eliza, Nathaniel (love), Darren, Darrell (but on a girl), Sebastian, Lachlan.

    Yours also on my irrational hatred list: Whitney, Dylan, Todd, Heidi, Simone, Melissa, Randy.

    And more irrationals for me: Caleb (I think this might be the ugliest name in the whole world lol), Candace, Charmaine. I know there are more but I appear to be having a blank!

    • 2

      babynamelover said,

      I hadn’t heard of Messina, Omg I love Missy Higgins 🙂 I used to listen to her all the time! I must find the cd.
      Darrell on a girl is different, where did you get that from?

      Isn’t it funny how our tastes change all the time, I went from classic to old fashioned and now I’m not sure what my taste is.

      Now you say it Caleb is kind of strange sounding. I don’t like Charmaine that needs to go on the list.

      • 3

        brooke said,

        I’m not sure that Messina is a name as such, it’s a city in Italy that I heard of in a movie once, and it struck me as a really pretty name lol. Missy Higgins is amazing, do you have her second album? I saw her live once and SO want to see her again but she hasn’t come back to NZ yet.
        Darrell on a girl is from…Malory Towers, I think, which is one of Enid Blyton’s boarding school series. The main character was called Darrell (I think Darrell may have been her husband or daughter or something’s name IRL).
        Charmaine…I just can’t take it seriously lol. It sounds whiny even when you say it normally! Caleb I think it’s the big fat ugly ‘b’ at the end, with the ‘ay’ vowel. o.O

      • 4

        babynamelover said,

        Aww a city in Italy that is cool! I must look into place names a bit more, do you have any favourites?
        no I don’t have her second album is it as good as her first? can’t believe you saw her live! so jealous lol.
        Opshop is another favourite of mine 🙂 Enid Blyton I remember reading famous five and secret seven!
        Chantal is another I need to add. the b on the end of Caleb is ugly I agree.

      • 5

        brooke said,

        Second album definitely as good, maybe better. It’s called ‘On a Clear Night’.
        I *heart* the famous five lol, but I always liked the school stories the most.

        Other favourite place names…Israel (girl), Ireland (g), Geneva, Vienna. Lothlorien too, but that’s a total TOTAL GP. Place name + fantasy name = definite GP lol.


      • 6

        babynamelover said,

        I will have to have a look are songs from her latest up on youtube at all?
        I see the famous five books have all been redone the covers that is? I think was them? I liked the old ones better!

        I like Geneva have recently started liking that, have liked Vienna for awhile, never asked hubby before but he likes it 🙂 yay. How do you say Lothlorien?
        Our cat is Dakota she was named after a wee girl at a early childhood centre my hubby was relieving at. I like Rakaia (South Island place for girl) ummm I quite like Egypt but unsure what gender? I have meet a wee girl Egypt. hmm you have got me thinking I might have to get the atlas out have a look 🙂 I will do a post tomorrow if I get time 🙂

      • 7

        brooke said,

        Yep they’re on youtube, and on her myspace ( it’s been out for a couple of years now. My favourite track is ‘Sugarcane’

        I don’t think I’ve seen the new Famous Five covers.

        Lothlorien is pretty much how it looks – it’s Elvish, a place name from LOTR, if you’ve seen the movies you can hear different characters saying it. I *heart* Elvish words lol they sound so pretty and lilting.

        Rakaia is nice for a girl. I went through there recently actually, missed the big fish though lol.

        Ooh atlas search! Good idea!

      • 8

        babynamelover said,

        oh I will go look today after class 🙂 I have two today suck hehe.

        But I can’t find the atlas lol, I do like Arizona (heard that off Grey’s Anatomy)

        Oh Lord of the rings!!! I only ever saw the first one, what’s your favourite names from there?

      • 9

        brooke said,

        I’m glad I don’t have class anymore! What are you studying?
        Yeah Arizona is cute, Ari would make a cool nn.
        LOTR names… Arwen (probably the only one I would use), Galadriel, Peregrine, Pippin, Samwise. And some others which escape me just now. There are also some other Elvish names from other Tolkien books (that I haven’t read) that I like, Elleth and Aredhel (prn Ah-reth-el, ‘th’ as in ‘that’, not ‘think’) especially.

      • 10

        babynamelover said,

        Early childhood degree hubby is doing the same, we are looking for jobs as we graduate in Dec yay 🙂 what did you study?
        We used to have Ariana on our list but we went off it, I still like Aria though, and Ari is awesome.
        I like Arwen 🙂 ooh I like Peregrine too! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. 11

    Missy Moo said,

    Why do u feel the need to list names u don’t like? I think thats a lil nasty and u don’t consider others feelings.
    How would u like it if i made a list like that because most of ur hot favs would be on my “hate” list!

    • 12

      babynamelover said,

      I suggested you share with me the ones you didn’t like. As everyone has different opinions I thought it would be interesting to discuss these. If you don’t like my blog you don’t have to stop by.

  3. 13

    Sarah-Jayne said,

    Brodie, Braden, Brandon, Tyler, Axel, Hayley, Jaxon (mostly just the spelling), Tiffany, Crystal, Candy, Bridie, Chantelle, Caleb, Simon, Jason, Tina

    There are heaps more, mostly I hate bogans who spell then stupidly

    • 14

      babynamelover said,

      I forgot Brodie I think! My niece was almost Crystal thank goodness they went with Amber! I mean I would still have loved her but she suits Amber very much!
      Candy is awful as bad as Ginger!

      I hate bogan spelling I am totally with you!

      Thanks for stopping by, and for sharing 🙂

  4. 15

    brooke said,

    I did English and Linguistics, and will probably go back to do teaching or journalism or Library Sciences postgrad at some point. That’s cool that you’re on the same course, is that how you met?

    • 16

      babynamelover said,

      Yeah we meet on our course 🙂 Where abouts did you study? wow English and Linguistics that is cool 🙂 what age teaching do you want to do? Secondary?
      What is Library Sciences?

  5. 17

    Amanda said,

    I agree with nearly all your girls name but one I love the name Emerson thats the only one I would change and I dont like any of the boys names you have there. I could probly add heaps more to those list but i would be here all night lol.

    I like weird & different names for girls and for boys strong names maybe more common names for the boys….. but hey always open for some new boys name you could change my mind, it all comes down to personal likes and dislikes but once you hear a really nice name or different one it sticks on you and becomes on of your fav’s.


    • 18

      babynamelover said,

      Thanks for stopping by 🙂

      I have meet several girl Emersons spelt “Emersyn” I think its a trendy name that won’t age well and will be lumped with the “Madison’s” and “Addison’s’ thats just my thoughts though 🙂
      I actually met a boy Addison!

      Hope you find some names you like on this site to add to the list 🙂 and you could join in with sharing your favourites if you wanted? 🙂


  6. 19

    Bewildertrix said,

    I saw all the now deleted comments the other night and was amazed. If your detractors want “nasty’ they can visit my blog where I promise to be far less accommodating and pleasant than you.

    Oh and ur sooo meeeen! U h8 my babby’s name! Itz on yr list! 😉

    I agree with many on there actually although I tend to have set reasons why I dislike a name. You can’t shut me up about some of them, the dislike runs that deep. Visceral reactions I think.

    • 20

      babynamelover said,

      They were my friends been talking to them for over a year, all of a sudden they turn nasty and start accusing me of stealing names radyrady!
      Oh and my Mum said to me would she go all crazy if I didn’t like my sisters name 😛

      I think also we have our own personal bad associations with names. Some for me I just don’t like the sounds its as simple as that.
      At the moment I am annoyed by cutsey full names lol when a couple of months ago I loved them.

      • 21

        Bewildertrix said,

        That is odd re: friends. Of course you can’t please everyone and many people do think slighting a name is the same as slighting the person who bears it and that’s silly.

        In all seriousness, you appear to be as far from mean as possible hence my amazement at what was going on.

        They’d hate my blog 😛

      • 22

        babynamelover said,

        Hehe 😛 I knew one of them was a bit crazy but I am glad I didn’t go over to Australia and meant them lol I might not have come back 😛

  7. 23

    sarah said,

    you meanie! you have several of my cousins names and one of my favourite names on here. now im going to start nasty arguments and post mean comments about you on facebook! lol not. i dont like most of those names on there and despite it being my cousins name bonnie is probably the one i like least of all!

    i love natalia tho. i saw it spelled with an h the other day. as in nataliah. i like talia or leah as a nn for it.

    also not overly keen on the name hunter. 0r parker, porter, fisher or any other names like that. warrick suggested calling jessie fisher if she was a boy. hehe. imagine it hunter and fisher! believe it or not i saw a birth notice for twins with those names 5 or 6 years ago!

    • 24

      babynamelover said,

      Oh don’t forget to start a post on huggies about it :P. I think I prefer it Nathalia? is that even a name lol. actually you might have convinced me to take it off 🙂
      Omg imagine it Hunter & Fisher, poor twins! You think Karin & Warrick will have another bub? I think Esma & Lance will have another. We gave Amber a swing from trademe yesterday for xmas! think she will love it.
      I wish my Dad would name the two sets of twin lambs but i think he is going to eat them 😦 theres b/b twins and b/g twins.

      • 25

        sarah said,

        oops i forgot about huggies. lol. ive seen it spelled nathalia before. natalia is originally italian it means Christs birthday. it quite popular in russia apparently. ive always liked it.
        on the subject of russian names im quite partial to katja (pronounced kartyah) it means pure. probaby wouldnt use it because teachers etc would probably butcher it constantly and the poor kid would end up hating it.

      • 26

        babynamelover said,

        ooh Katja is pretty! I wonder how popular it is in Russian? its funny how you can hardly ever hear names here in NZ and then they are uber popular in another county like Elias! Oh and russian names I like Tatjana or Tatiana too.

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