yay hubby fixed my net connection

Yay I’m wireless again, no blue cord lol.

What interestingly named people have you meet lately?

What name are you loving right now?

I am liking Matana, Levana, Bram, Milo, Rhea & Io.

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    brooke said,

    Yay for having wireless back! I’ve forgotten what it was like to be tethered to a wall for teh interwebs but I’m guessing it was annoying!
    Matana is interesting, what’s its history? b or g?
    Bram reminds me of Dracula, don’t think I’ll ever get away from it lol.
    Milo = food drink and kids movie cat, ditto.
    Rhea and Io are kind of cool, especially Io.

    Didn’t meet this one, but someone I know had a baby boy recently and named it Zigh. Yes, like sigh, but with a ‘z’ o.O His sibling has an odd name too but I can’t remember it. Met a sibset Gretchen and Hugo (6 and 2), not a huge fan of the names, but together they made me smile. Have come across two Bettinas in the last week, and met an Evelyn the other day (am slightly infatuated with the name lately, almost told her how awesome I thought her name was lol).

    • 2

      babynamelover said,

      It was so annoying and I would always trip over lol 😛
      Matana- female, Arabic meaning Gift.
      I like Abe and Bram as nicknames for Abraham.
      Hehe I still think Milo is cool but there is the drink, what about Miles?

      Zigh is actually kind of cool I like it 🙂 Oh I also like Zora.

      Wow Bettina that is interesting, I think it may be a brand of sewing machines?

      • 3

        brooke said,

        Matana is pretty awesome, I think I like it.
        I kind of like Miles a lot. More than Milo lol.
        Yeah I’m not sure about Bettina, I assumed it was a nn for Elizabeth?

      • 4

        babynamelover said,

        Aww I wouldn’t had thought of Bettina as a nn for Elizabeth, I like Betty, there were two Betty’s down the road from me growing up.
        I think I like ana endings 🙂 what are your favourites at the moment?

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