My predictions so far 2009 NZ top 10

Taken from soley Christchurch weekend press.
























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    Sebastiane said,

    I know nothing of New Zealand naming trends, but this is certainly a nice grouping of names. I must say that based of this list, the New Zealanders have excellent tastes in names. Its not substantially different from the US, we both have Emma, Olivia, Isabella and Emily. But some nice gems which would be considered rare or unheard of are: Ruby & Isla.

    • 2

      babynamelover said,

      I think Isla will rise in both Australian & New Zealand. I like Ruby a lot but hubby doesn’t like it 😦 what are your favourite names?

  2. 3

    Bewildertrix said,

    You think Isla’s going to jump 20 spots! Let’s bet. Based on seeing it maybe once a month in the NZ Herald (so Auckland based births) I’m saying it at the maximum top 20. I’m just not seeing or hearing it around which is quite bizarre really. Perhaps the spelling/pronunciation problems will prevent top ten status. We’ll see. If it does, it looks like I’ll be using my daughter’s double first name or Bonnie more often.

    Like you, I expect Ruby in there. It should have been in there a while ago based on UK popularity.

    Hopefully all the American inspired rot e.g Madison/Maddison refrain from moving further up. There’s some terrible names in the top 100. I’m ashamed of many New Zealand parents right now e.g Maddison was #37 last year. Jorja, Tayla and Nevaeh better not shift upwards.

    Based on what I’ve seen I will Jayden being in the top 10. It’s hung about the fringe. Our name of shame doesn’t seem to be losing any stamina. Also, given the rise in Aus, I’d expect Cooper in the top 20.

    • 4

      babynamelover said,

      It’s only based on Christchurch so I could be wrong, I wish I had BA’s for the whole country.
      I agree with you, I actually think Taylor could rise. I have seen that spelling on girls a lot more than Tayla, I don’t like either,

      I hate Jayden, it is the worst name ever lol.

      • 5

        Cyneburga said,

        I bet they’re quite different, Christchurch vs Auckland. The Dom Post rarely has BAs so it’s hard to see any trends there.

        I really dislike Taylor but at least it’s not the ‘dumbed down’ spelling. I know we have non-rhotic accents but that doesn’t mean we can alter spellings to suit. It’s not right 😉

        Finally! Someone agrees with me on Jayden. I really can’t put into words how much I dislike it.

      • 6

        babynamelover said,

        Is the Dominion Post Dunedin? I’m not sure lol.Thanks for stopping by 🙂
        I agree about the dumbed down spelling, I also hate when people change irish or celtic spellings so its easier to say them!
        I love Jay for a boy, so not sure why I hate Jayden, maybe its the whole Kayden, Jayden, Brayden theme

  3. 7

    Cyneburga said,

    ^^ That’s me, Bewildertrix by the way. Sorry, to confuse you. I like this name better. It was either Cyneburga or Theodelinde.

  4. 9

    Cyneburga said,

    It’s hideously ugly and should never be dredged up for a child ever again. Still, makes a great blog posting username!

    The Dom post is Wellington. It’s why I only post the Herald regularly along with the Aussie and UK BAs. Not enough going on locally which is a shame. Maybe Wellingtonians don’t like posting announcements? Lol. I mean, I didn’t with either of my children but that was more out of sheer laziness.

    • 10

      babynamelover said,

      Makes me think of hamburger?

      Oh its Wellington silly me! I don’t know, maybe they just don’t care what others think?

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