Combos- Cemetery records

Marjorie Ina, Edith Mahalah, Josephine Thea, Melba Maud,

Julian Edward, Victor George, Hector Alexander,

Hazel Florence, Anna Dora, Tui Huia, Lilias Maud,

Annie Isabella,  Evelyn Daisy,  Olive Mary Joy,

Horatio Alexander, Raphael Paul, Percival Lewis,

Alice Myrtle, Freda Georgina, Helen Harriet, Inez Ruby,

Violet Elizabeth,

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    Sebastiane said,

    These are certainly interesting:

    Edith Mahalah-this is such a nice combination, Mahalah is really unexpected
    Josephine Thea
    Melba Maud-this is a GP
    Hector Alexander
    Hazel Florence
    Lilias Maud
    Evelyn Daisy
    Olive Mary Joy-so cute!
    Horatio Alexander,
    Raphael Paul
    Percival Lewis
    Inez Ruby-I quite like this combination, very spunky
    Violet Elizabeth

    Lots of spunky florals

    • 2

      babynamelover said,

      Is Mahalah a version of Mahalia?
      I’m really loving Hector right now 🙂
      Inez Ruby stood out to me too.
      Thanks for all your thoughts 🙂

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