Siblings for Harriet

Lily, Caroline, Eliza, Eloise, Ella, Flora, Polly,

Penelope, Romilly, Josephine, Georgina, Olive,

Prunella, Jemima, Sadie, Susannah, Sally, Winnie,

Lucy, Minnie.

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    Bewildertrix said,

    Looking at old and new Telegraph sets, Hugh, Alice, Annabel, Matilda and Olivia pop up frequently with Harriet. Annabel especially, factoring in all spellings, I saw about 9 mentions with Harriet. Lots of mothers named Harriet too.

    I’m sure it’s similar in the Times.

    For me, the’ ideal’ with Harriet and based on what I’ve seen in announcements here, Aus and the UK, I’d say Flora, Imogen, Isobel, Eliza, Jasper, Peter, Christopher (Kit) and Will (William).

    The young Harriet in the classroom I tutored in had an older brother, Levi.

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      babynamelover said,

      I don’t like Christopher at all seems so dated to me 1980’s here. I like Flora, Imogen, Eliza & Jasper. I don’t like Peter or Will either.
      Levi to me doesn’t really go with Harriet, she feels so springy and he just feels so biblical.

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        Cyneburga said,

        I love Kit and not Christopher but that’s what feels like the ideal with Harriet. I love Will and not William also 😉
        I think the potential for Chris from Christopher really puts me off. Kit is refreshing although it feels like a very Telegraphy type nick-name along with Bertie, Freddy etc..

        Yes and no on Levi. I hear cries of it’s chavvy and boganey from some posters on boards and yet like you infer, it’s really no less stoic and serious than Elijah et al.

        I think perhaps the jean association may make Levi appear a little “cooler” than other Biblical names. It’s also used on girls now and then in the UK and I find that just ridiculous. I’ve noticed several via BAs and UK tv reality programmes.

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        babynamelover said,

        Bertie is kind of cool I like Abe & Bram right now 🙂

        Levi on a girl that is so crazy, but hey I have met girl Toby, Cooper and most recently a Jett (all in NZ)

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