People are so narrow minded about baby names

Makes me cross lol. Its about Echo for a girl.


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    Bewildertrix said,

    Oh dear 😉 I suggest including a quick mention of a name’s origins from the start next time you post about a quirky mythological name like Echo, particularly on a board like that. It’s obvious 99% of them had no idea of the Greek Mythology. It’s frustrating, I know. I rolled my eyes over the comment following your gracious explanation, “It’s still not a name”. Hello? Is she the Name Dictator? She doesn’t have a leg to stand on labelling it a non-name. She can hate it and by all means say it doesn’t feel like a name to her but it is indeed a NAME at the end of the day.

    One of my biggest peeves is a basically an echo (no pun intended!) of the above “It’s not a name. Why don’t you just use Table or Chair?”. Particularly when it’s from name nerds who really need to brush up on their onomastics quick smart! Sometimes a simple google is all that’s needed. I sometimes wonder how they can navigate the internet in the first place if they can’t do a very basic search.

    Personally, I think Echo would be problematic as a first name. More so than other quirkier names. It’s lovely though. I think Hero and Juno more usable up front but even then I prefer them as middle names. The -o names are neat aren’t they? I like Io too. There’s also the crazy Zeuxo, an Oceanid. If Sappho didn’t have so many juvenile lesbian jokes attached to it, I’d consider it. A fabulous and accomplished namesake was the poetess. I’m content to stick with Saffron for now 😉

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      babynamelover said,

      I hadn’t heard of Zeuxo, I like Io very much 🙂 I guess I could have added a origin, I kinda knew what the reaction was going to be before I posted.

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