Name for today-Rowan

Origin of the name Rowan:

Popular Anglicized form of the Gaelic Ruadhán (little red-haired one).

From A World of Baby Names by Teresa Norman.

Known siblings from babynamewizard-

August, Jude,Leo, Polly & Tess.


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  1. 1

    Bewildertrix said,

    Love it! Although I used Rohan on my son. I found the different etymologies is has makes it very colourful. French surname, Sanskrit name, another anglicisation of Ruadhán and a Tolkien name (Tolkien was probably inspired by the French surname). Of course, unlike Rowan, the different pronunciations confuse people. Although it’s a middle name, I use it often and say both ROW in and ROE hahn – depending on my mood. Fickle me.

    I just learnt that Rowan in Scotland more often than not is said with the Row- rhyming with cow!

    I don’t mind in on a girl given the botanical reference it has also. It’s just taken me a while to get to this point. I was previously of the male only opinion.

    • 2

      babynamelover said,

      What is your son’s first name? I used to love Rowan on girl still do (Brooke Shields I think daughter is Rowan?) But hubby only agrees for a boy, so Rowan is in our top two for boys names 🙂 the Scottish pronuniciation is interesting I can never spell that word!

      • 3

        Bewildertrix said,

        Conor (James Rohan). The one N is the traditional way to anglicise Conchobar in Ireland but less traditional Connor has prevailed elsewhere. I don’t think I could have chosen anything else given it was the only boy name I liked at the time – stemming from childhood.

        Here’s a good one of him:

        I really do enjoy Rowan far more on a boy.

      • 4

        babynamelover said,

        My brother is Connor Scott. Conor is much nicer than Connor or Conner or Konner!!
        I am leaning more toward the boy side now, I’m loving Abraham & Bartholomew right now.

      • 5

        babynamelover said,

        Aww you have lovely children 🙂

      • 6

        Bewildertrix said,

        Oops replied to myself. I can’t navigate WP to save my life but it’s so much nicer than blogger.

  2. 7

    Bewildertrix said,

    Snap! LOL. I don’t like Conner with an E at all but I detest Konner. Here’s something awful, I’ve seen Connah twice. Maybe Kon’nah will be next? I certainly hope not.

    I seem to have come in as Connor started to edge down the popularity chart which is great. I expected at least another one in his kindy group but there isn’t. I think my biggest problem is people spelling it with two Ns but that’s expected. I knew that was an issue when I used it.

    And thank you 🙂

    I’m not fond of Abraham but I can tell you that I like the contracted Abram and the short Bram. In fact, I adore Bram. So, that more than makes up for any dislike of Abraham.

    With Bartholomew you wouldn’t be opposed to the nickname Bart? I don’t mind it myself but some people do forgo it purely because they think Bart inevitable. Myself, I prefer Ollo. There’s old little PC game Conor plays with a bouncy blue ball called Ollo. He’s adorable.

    You could also get Ollie from Bartholomew.

    • 8

      babynamelover said,

      Oh my gosh imagine Kon’nah, I have yet to meet someone with a coma in their name thankfully. Yeah it has dropped off since 2004, my Brother is 12 so I hadn’t even heard of the name then about 2 years later it got really popular. I can’t access the stats from before 2004 at the moment for some reason but 2004 was 18, 2005 was 18, 2006 was 22, 2007 was 28 and 2008 was 25 so it did look to be going down wonder what 2009 will bring :).

      I like both Abe & Bram 🙂 I’m not opposed to be Bart I do worry about Bart Simpson though. oh Ollo is very nice 🙂 I was trying to think the other day what others could there be, I don’t Ollie so much, maybe cause of the popularity of Oliver.

    • 9

      babynamelover said,

      Connor was 11 in 1999 in NZ I wish I could find further back.

      • 10

        Bewildertrix said,

        It got really high here didn’t it? In the US it never broke the top 30 – reaching it’s highest at #38 in 2004. It’s now #57. For some reason, I thought it was a top ten name there once. I guess I should never presume things.

        In England/Wales it dropped from #11 in 1998 to #36 for 2007. The same thing has happened in Aus. It’s funny to see it not even rank in Ireland but Conor was #3 in 2007. Based on the England/Wales/Aus stats, it’s bound to continue to quietly drop down here. Possibly slower but with the surge in Coopers, I think it’s almost like a “replacement” name. Cooper first appeared in 2006 and now it’s #32 just like that. I have no doubt Cooper will become top 20. It’s funny, I met my first Cooper just prior to Xmas 08. Never heard of it being used here before that and suddenly I’m hearing it everywhere with the mothers of Coopers lamenting it’s rise.

        Sorry, bogging down the blog with stats but they are fascinating aren’t they? I think NZ name trends are interesting. We do seem to mimic what’s happening in the UK but the US definitely exerts a lot of influence too with the advent of Nevaeh as a prime example.

      • 11

        babynamelover said,

        It could have been top ten, I couldn’t find stats for before 1999 though. Looks like the popularity is dropping off in other countries I agree it will probably follow here.
        and in Ireland 7 in 2008? that could be wrong though. I have meet only a couple of Coopers I don’t get Cooper I don’t find it particularly attractive myself.

        I think they are very interesting 🙂 now thanks to you I can check them out on the NZ herald too. Urg Nevaeh I hate it!!

  3. 12

    Bewildertrix said,

    That’s interesting, the last ranking I have for Connor in Ireland, is #95 in 2006. It didn’t jump to #7 in two years, surely? Not when Conor is the default there.

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