Cleo combo’s

Had trouble, I started with Cleopatra but found it impossible to place with middle, if anyone can help that would be wonderful 🙂

Here’s the Cleo combo’s for scrutiny 🙂

Cleo Antonia Katherine

Cleo Aurelia

Cleo Daisy Jane

Cleo Evangeline Fleur

Cleo Electra May

Cleo Isolde

Cleo Julep

Cleo Louella

Cleo Lucille

Cleo Luna Poppy

Cleo Poppy Saffron

Cleo Penelope Alice

Cleo Raphaelle

Cleo Reumah Belle

Cleo Zipporah Frances

Cleo Anneliese

Cleo Evanthe Hazel

Cleo Ariadne Rose

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  1. 1

    Sebastiane said,

    Cleo Antonia Katherine is gorgeous. I love the name Cleo.

  2. 3

    Lola said,

    I’ve loved Cleopatra since I was 2, Cleopatra works well with simple middles: Cleopatra Alice, Cleopatra Jane, Cleopatra Anne, see what I mean? It doesn’t do well with double middles, I’ve tried all my life, but unless it’s something like Alice Jane, it just makes Cleopatra feels that much more “out there”. Which is why I have Cleo on my lists too (to he** with it being too close to Leo, I see him once a year at Yule, if I’m lucky. He’s all over the place).

    So, of your Cleo combos, Cleo Aurelia & Cleo Isolde works superbly together. As a double middle: Cleo Aurelia Jane, perhaps & Cleo Isolde Iris? I don’t know.

    I also love Cleo Antonia Katherine and I’m quite enthralled with Cleo Zipporah Frances as well. Wow!

    • 4

      babynamelover said,

      2 wow thats a long love 🙂 I think your right Cleopatra Jane is the one I kept coming back to. Hehe Cleo and Leo would be a bit rhyming but if you don’t mind you should go for it 🙂 Thanks for all you thoughts I missed you stopping by and you thoughts! I think Cleo Aurelia, Cleo Isolde & Cleo Zipporah Frances are my favourite 🙂 I like Cleo and Katherine and I used to really like Antonia but now I’m not so sure!

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