Jemima combos

Jemima Lily Beth

Jemima Alice Jane

Jemima Ruby Adele

Jemima Lucy Violet

Jemima Beatrix Annabel

Jemima Ruby Clementine

Jemima Ruby Caroline

Jemima Ruby Cleo

Jemima Coco Annabel

Jemima Cora Alice

Jemima Daisy Jane

Jemima Elodie May

Jemima Eloise

Jemima Imogen

Jemima Iris Myrtle

Jemima Daisy Ellen

Jemima Poppy Eve

Jemima Violet Belle

Jemima Rose

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    Lola said,

    Well, you know how I love Jemima. So much so that wherever she is on my lists doesn’t matter, she’s #3 in my heart, right behind Maud & Cecily.

    Jemima Ruby Adele pops right out at me from your lists, absolutely lovely! I also like Jemima Lucy Violet, Jemima Beatrix Annabel, Jemima Ruby Caroline & Jemima Violet Belle. I really like the lightness of Jemima Violet Belle and the lovely Jemima Lucy Violet (I have Jemima Lucy Maud on my list!)

    Jemima Beatrix Annabel is the only one I like that makes me pause a bit. It’s very “Potter-ish”, what with both Jemima & Beatrix in the combo. Might you consider Jemima Annabel Iris? that is, unless your surname begins with an L, then we’ll forget about that one!

    Love, love, love Jemima!

    • 2

      babynamelover said,

      Thanks Lola 🙂 my favourite is Jemima Ruby Adele 🙂 also just thought of Jemima Ruby Katherine?
      I do like Jemima Annabel Iris thanks 🙂 Jemima Beatrix Annabel is very potterish I agree.

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