Wilhelmina Combos

Need some serious help here please.

As you know Wilhelmina is a family name!!!

Wilhelmina Ruby Jane

Wilhelmina Augusta Rose

Wilhelmina Daisy

Wilhelmina Margaret

Wilhelmina Cleo

Wilhelmina Frances

Wilhelmina Thomasin

Wilhelmina Alice

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    SophieGray said,

    Straight off – Wilhelmina Ruby Jane & Wilhelmina Cleo are my hands down favourites!

    Now, Wilhelmina isn’t my favourite name in the world, so I will try to be objective here 😉 I think she needs something a little sweet and sugary next to her, to balance her out a bit. For example, I much perfer Wilhelmina Cleo over Wilhelmina Thomasin?

    I adore Wilhelmina Ruby Jane – RJ is sweet and simple next to the more elaborate Wilhelmina. In contrast, I think Rose compliments Wilhelmina well, but Augusta may be a little bit *too* heavy when paired with Wilhelmina.

    My favourite 2 name combos are Wilhelmina Margaret & Wilhelmina Cleo, with the latter winning by a mile!
    Wilhelmina Daisy – This is a sweet pairing, but something is missing for me. I like how Daisy lifts W up and freshens her a bit, but I don’t know – I think I feel like there’s an absence of a common element tying the 2 names together or something?!
    Wilhelmina Margaret – I like this combo, and strangely M doesn’t drag down W to me here, but adds a certain homely femininity to her, which I quite like.
    Wilhelmina Cleo – my favourite! Cleo is light and streamlined and feminine on the end of Wilhelmina, lifting her up a bit ~ It’s truly darling.
    Wilhelmina Frances – Frances brings a nice, fresh kick to W without overpowering her, which is nice. I also like how the 2 have a similar ‘feel’ without competing with one another, if that makes any sense?
    Wilhelmina Thomasin – This combo just falls flat for me. Granted I do like my names a little sweet, and this name has no sweetness to me.
    Wilhelmina Alice – I like this one too – she’s sweet and lovely, but I feel like she lacks a certain zest that some of the others hold.

    Hmm.. Wilhelmina Ruby Violet? Wilhelmina Acacia June? Wilhelmina Ruby Frances? Wilhelmina Cecily Grace? Wilhelmina Marguerite? Wilhelmina Daisy Beatrice? Wilhelmina Allegra Florence? Wilhelmina Evangeline? Wilhelmina Iris? Wilhelmina Annabel Fleur?

    I don’t know ~ Anything interesting theere? 🙂 She’s a great unexpected choice though!

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      babynamelover said,

      Wilhelmina is my Nan’s sister she goes by Mina. I like Willa too 🙂 not sure if I would use Willa as a full name thats why I was playing round with Wilhelmina. Don’t think hubby likes Wilhelmina anyway… hehe. My Favourite is Wilhelmina Ruby Jane, but I like Wilhemina Cleo too what third name would you put with those?
      Ooh I like Wilhelmina Ruby Violet, Wilhelmina Ruby Frances, Wilhelmina Cecily Grace & Wilhelmina Daisy Beatrice, thanks Sophie 🙂

  2. 3

    Sebastiane said,

    I love the name Wilhelmina. From your list I love these,

    Wilhelmina Ruby Jane
    Wilhelmina Augusta Rose-this is fabulous
    Wilhelmina Daisy

    • 4

      babynamelover said,

      Thanks Sebastiane 🙂 Would you put another middle with Daisy? Jane? Alice? something simple I think but not sure what…

  3. 5

    Tinks said,

    Ummm weird that I told you my grandmother’s name was Ruby Joesphine Wilhelmina and now these nows are popping up on your blog left, right and centre. I don’t remember you saying it was you’r nan’s name then.

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