Indira Combos

Indira Jewel (too jewel?)

Indira Alice Maude

Indira Brooke

Indira Cleo Jane

Indira Fleur/Fern

Indira Hazel Maeve

Indira Jessica Rose

Indira Juniper Pearl

Indira Jasmine May

Indira Jessamine

Indira Katherine Adelle

Indira Lucy Violet

Indira Lilac Maeve (too purple?)

Indira Morgance

Indira Nerys Grace

Indira Poppy Jane

Indira Beatrice Rowan

Indira Tallulah Rose

Indira Scarlett Eve (don’t normally like Scarlett)

Indira Ruby Seraphine/Alice

Indira Violet Jane

Indira Myst (perfume?)

Indira Saffron Adelle

Indira Sapphire (too jewel?)

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  1. 1

    Sebastiane said,

    I think these are gorgeous!

    Indira Cleo Jane
    Indira Jessamine
    Indira Katherine Adelle
    Indira Morgance
    Indira Poppy Jane
    Indira Scarlett Eve
    Indira Ruby Seraphine
    Indira Violet Jane
    Indira Saffron Adelle-I prefer the Adele spelling, Adelle looks clunky

    • 2

      babynamelover said,

      I’m going to be hard pressed to work out my favourite 🙂 thanks for your thoughts 🙂 Adelle is my Mum’s bestfriends daughters name, Ive only ever seen it as Adelle, It looks to me like its missing something with one l hehe. I really like Indira Scarlett Eve at the moment, I really dislike Scarlett up front but I really like her in the middle here.

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