Twins names

Was on behindthename and someone had posted about twins name Bonnie & Freddie, I personally can’t stand cutsey twin names what do you think? wat would you name twins? b/b, g/g. b/g?

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    SophieGray said,

    I hate cutesy names on twins, or twins that have the same mn. I mean, they’re going to be lumped together and compared for the rest of their lives, and I feel it’s important to allow them to develop their own individual identities, and this can start with a name. Iv’e known sisters (not twins) named Annabelle and Annaliese, and they hated it! I could live with Freddie and Bonnie.

    My twins are Oliver & Iris. Would have been Oliver & Sebastian or Iris & Beatrix if they were the same gender, but we found out that they were b/g so we didn’t really bother coming up with 2 names for each gender really, which was a bit silly in hind sight! 🙂

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      babynamelover said,

      urgh Annabelle & Annaliese that is crazy, I find same initials for twins iritating too, how do parents work out which one gets which name if they same sex twins?

      Iris & Beatrix is gorgeous!!

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    SophieGray said,

    haha – that is a good point 🙂 I obviously didn’t have that problem.. I must ask someone and post back! now I’m interested

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      babynamelover said,

      Thats got you researching hehe. I posted a cool eye calculator thing try it and let me know if it works for you and hubby, you have to play around with it until it gives you your children’s eye colours 🙂

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