Evander combos

Evander Ambrose

Evander Atticus Henry

Evander Beckett Thomas

Evander Benedict Milo

Evander Bruno Walter

Evander Cassius John

Evander Cosmo George

Evander Franklin Ivor

Evander Gabriel Jude

Evander Henry Zachariah

Evander Jack Matteo

Evander Julius Oliver

Evander Matthew Hugh

Evander Percival Steven

Evander Raphael Elliot

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    SophieGray said,

    I like Evander Ambrose, but I feel like an overtly masculine name as a 2nd middle might complete him a little more. Evander Ambrose Hugh, Evander Walter Ambrose? I don’t know!

    My favourite combos are Evander Atticus Henry [Evander Henry Atticus], Evander Cassius John, Evander Cosmo George, Evander Gabriel Jude. Evander Gabriel Jude especially just rolls off the tongue!

    I prefer Evander Milo Benedict & Evander Oliver Julius switched like this, I think.

    A lovely set of combos right there, if I may say so 🙂

    • 2

      babynamelover said,

      Thanks for your thoughts 🙂 Evander Ambrose Hugh is nice and Atticus Henry does flow better the other way around, need anothers critical eye 🙂 thanks for swapping those around for me 🙂 my favourite is Evander Milo Benedict I think at the moment.

      • 3

        SophieGray said,

        No problem.. though sometimes I think my sense of rhythm in names is a bit off as well!

        I like Evander Milo Benedict – he’s very masculine and strong, yet charming and endearing. I’m personally impartial to Benedict, but he is a lovely combo!

      • 4

        babynamelover said,

        Hubby likes Benedict for a first, he is fresher than Benjamin!

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