Name for today-Esme

Origin of the name Esme:

Derived from the French esmé (loved), the past participle of the verb esmer (to love). Alternatively, some believe the name to be a variant of Aimé (beloved).

From A World of Baby Names by Teresa Norman.


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    SophieGray said,

    Esme is delightful 🙂 Feminine and pretty and romantic indeed. I’m not sure I’d ever use her up front, but I’d be exceptionally glad to hear her on another’s child! Hmm.. I did have a combo with Esme in the middle somewhere, but I can’t remember it at the moment… It *could* have been Viola Esme Pearl, but that doesn’t sound right.. I’ll have to wrack my brain for it..

    • 2

      babynamelover said,

      I like Esme especially because of Twilight and books. My sil is Esma though so probably too close for us maybe I can find a spot as a middle somewhere… Viola Esme Pearl is pretty!

  2. 3

    SophieGray said,

    I’ve never heard Esma before – it’s very pretty too! Stephanie Meyer has a really awesome name style in those books doesn’t she 🙂 I love the primary 4 or 5 girls names, with Alice and Jasper being loves of mine for years! I know a little Esme who’s about 6 I think. She has 2 sisters, Lila and Nellie – Nellie is Matilda’s kinder friend.

    Thanks 🙂 I think the combo I was thinking of was Clara Esme Lucille, which I had on my list years ago, and wish I never had to give up, but I have a 5 year old niece named Lucille now, and fn are off-limits for re-usage within my family!

    Do you have any Esme combos?

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      babynamelover said,

      Esma and I were talking about names the other day and she always gets called Esme, I met twins Hazel & Esme once. She has great naming style 🙂 I especially like Edward, Jasper, Alice,Esme & Emmett. In the second book there is a Caius I like that too 🙂 Oh Nellie is co cute is her full name Eleanor or Helen? or just Nellie?
      I think my only Esme is Ruby Esme Katherine, I will have to find some more spots to put her 🙂 Clara Esme Lucille is pretty. ooh found another Winifred Lucretia Esme that doesn’t flow aswell.

  3. 5

    SophieGray said,

    Hazel and Esme – aah! That’s just gorgeous 🙂 My favourites are Alice, Jasper, Edward and Rosalie. I take my previous comment back – I don’t like the name Isabella at all. I like Isabel though.

    Nope, I’m fairly certain her name’s just Nellie. Esme, Eleanor and Lila would be adorable. They are very cute kids though. I like the look and balance of Ruby Esme Katherine, thoguh I think I’d prefer Esme Ruby Katherine, flow wise. Winifred Lucretia Esme is awesome 🙂 I’m not a fan of Winifred really, but this combo is really spunky and amazing haha! I think the flow is fine, btw.

    • 6

      babynamelover said,

      I like Bella for a young girl but don’t particulary like Isabella, I love Isobel. My mum wanted Erin Isobel but she picked Erin so Dad picked Nicole. Ooh I think your right Esme Ruby Katherine is better balanced have to put that on the list 🙂 Oh thanks it seemed a little disjointed. I think soft sounding girls names are the prettiest what do you think? I used to like Lila but all the Lily’s put me off :(. Oh what you think of Honora nn Norah?

  4. 7

    SophieGray said,

    Yeah, Lily has put me a little of Lila too, though I do have a soft spot for Lily, and Lilia too. I was alomst an Alice, but mum was dead set on having my mn as Anaïs, and Alice Anaïs would be kind of ridiculous!

    I’m not the biggest fan of Honora, purely because it reminds me of virtue names, which I generally don’t like. I prefer Eleanora as a means to get Norah. I agree- soft, girly names are definitely the way to go 🙂

    • 8

      babynamelover said,

      Alice is so pretty, I have meet about 3 in my whole life I think an older Alice 90, a girl my age and a girl under two. I’m starting to have a soft spot for some of the virtue names.

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