Ruby combos

Had lots of fun with Ruby 😉 need help narrowing the list

Ruby Aster (original)

Ruby Mildred Pearl

Ruby Wilhemina

Ruby Clementine June

Ruby Millicent Anne

Ruby Raven Primrose

Ruby Beatrice Margaret

Ruby Harriet (Lily?)

Ruby Charlotte Rose

Ruby Augusta Jane

Ruby Winter Blythe

Ruby Bathsheba

Ruby Caroline Mary

Ruby Calliope

Ruby Clover

Ruby Dinah Lucille

Ruby Demetria

Ruby Elisabeth Frances

Ruby Evangeline Sarah

Ruby Evanthe Violet

Ruby Esme Katherine

Ruby Jean

Ruby Emmeline Maude

Ruby Eleanor

Ruby Florence

Ruby Frances Jean

Ruby Genevieve

Ruby Greta

Ruby Gwendoline

Ruby Gwyenth

Ruby Hermione

Ruby Isolde

Ruby Juliet

Ruby Jemima

Ruby Jessamine

Ruby Lucinda Jane

Ruby Magdalene

Ruby Margaret Alice

Ruby Madeleine

Ruby Meredith

Ruby Ophelia Jane

Ruby Octavia

Ruby Tempest

Ruby Theodora

Ruby Ursuline

Ruby Valentina

Ruby Winifred Poppy

Ruby Hazel Adelle

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    SophieGray said,

    Ruby Augusta Jane, Ruby Dinah Lucille, Ruby Emmeline Maude and Ruby Lucinda Jane are my favourites from the 3 name combos on your list, with Ruby Dinah Lucille probably just on top!

    Of the 2-name combos, I’m partial to Ruby Aster, Ruby Eleanor, Ruby Isolde, Ruby Juliet and Ruby Octavia, with Ruby Isolde definitely my fave 🙂

    • 2

      babynamelover said,

      Its just so hard!! hehe I think I like Ruby Augusta Jane the best at the moment but I’m not sure have to think about it, I do like Ruby Dinah but wasn’t so sure of the Lucille on the end? Ruby Isolde is growing on me it sounds regal and warm 🙂 thanks Sophie

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