Name for today- Pandora


Gender: Feminine

Usage: Greek Mythology

Other Scripts: Πανδωρα (Ancient Greek)

Pronounced: pan-DOR-ə (English) [key]

Means “all gifts”, derived from a combination of Greek παν (pan) “all” and δωρον (doron) “gift”. In Greek mythology Pandora was the first mortal woman. Zeus gave her a jar containing all of the troubles and ills that mankind now knows, and told her not to open it. Unfortunately her curiosity got the best of her and she opened it, unleashing the evil spirits into the world. (behindthename)

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  1. 1

    Lola said,

    As I said in Dora, I think Pandora is absolutely gorgeous. Rich, lovely, swett & feminine. What’s not to love? I thin Pandora, nn Dora is a sweet choice for a nickname with an standout feminine name. Now if only my MIL agreed with me. She hates her name. (her older brothers she were Sebastian, Ambrose & Pandora. Aint that awesome?)
    Google PARADOXAL, use her to sell Pandora to yours. She’s absolutely adorable!

    • 2

      babynamelover said,

      I will keep her on my list 🙂 may go on hubby we not ttc until July 2010 so lots of time :). Ooh I like Ambrose hubby prefers Amos, I used to love Sebastian but gone off it lately. Googling now 🙂

  2. 3

    SophieGray said,

    Oh! I absolutely adore Pandora, though I probably wouldn’t use her up front myself as she doesn’t sit well with Matilda and Iris. Anyway, as Lola expressed, she’s rich and feminine and definitely has spunk! My best friend is considering it as a mn for her coming DD, Imogene (though I think Imogene Pandora’s losing to her other choices!).

    She reminds me more of the character from British show ‘Skins’ than the Pandora’s box legend. I personally, am not fond of Dora, and would just go by Pandora, but I definitely think she’s usable today! Lovely lovely 🙂

    • 4

      babynamelover said,

      Oh Imogene Pandora would be gorgeous! lady on huggies had a Imogen Layla. Hubby has now moved from Dora to Thea I think I prefer Thea too, I say it The-ah not Thaya. What do you think of Thea?

  3. 5

    SophieGray said,

    I quite like Thea, but I don’t know if I’d find her too insubstantial as a full fn, without going for something like Althea or Theodora officially, which I’m not as fond of. She is especially lovely though 🙂 and very workable as a fn.

    Imogen Layla is pretty 🙂 I think Imogene Pandora is losing out to Imogene Adele, Imogene Marguerite or Imogene Beatrice.

    • 6

      babynamelover said,

      I don’t like Theodora makes me cringe hehe I do like Theodore though. Adele is quite pretty with Imogene too, Mum’s bf daughter is Adelle. I always thought it was so pretty.

  4. 7

    Lucy said,

    Pandora is divine and so great for shortenings too.
    Thea is so much nicer than Theodora in my opinion. Dorothea is sweet though.

    • 8

      babynamelover said,

      Thanks for your thoughts Lucy 🙂 I think my order goes Isadora, Pandora, Dorothea. Do you like Isadora? Do you a Dora & Thea are too much in a sibset?

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