Henry Combos

Henry Arthur Leopold

Henry Francis James

Henry Augustus Cole

Henry Ambrose Steven

Henry Fergus Allan

Henry Julius Walter

Henry Phineas Jude

Henry Percival Thomas (thomas tank engine anyone)

Henry Reuben Franklin

Henry Oliver Tennyson

thought? any more suggestions? 🙂 thanks

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    Lola said,

    Funny, I have Francis Henry ___ floating around somewhere! I like the potential Frank more than the potential Harry. I loathe Harry!
    Of these: Henry Arthur Leopold is easily my favorite. Strong, handsome and dashing!
    Henry Ambrose Steven gets second place, even though I still visually prefer Stephen. And I must say, I’m thilled to see Ambrose, it’s my Simon’s middle name. And if I were a bit braver at 18, it would have been his first name!
    Henry Phineas Jude & Henry Percival Thomas are also likes. But I want to change them up a tiny bit: Henry Phineas Arthur & Henry Percival Jude. gets rid of the “Thomas the Tank Engine” thing and I was having problems getting my head around Phineas Jude, which bugs me for some unknown reason. If I could say, I would. I just don’t like those two together.

    • 2

      babynamelover said,

      I don’t like Harry either, my Granddad was Frank, we like Franklin in the middle spot. I like Ambrose in first name spot but hubby prefers Amos. Thanks for changging those two 🙂 they sound much better and gets rid of thomas the tank engine I was at the point where I didn’t know how to change them right then,
      I like Henry Percival Jude, my favourite is liek you Henry Arthur Leopold. Thanks Lola 🙂

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