Millicent combos

Original- Millicent Roma

Millicent Isobel July

Millicent Lula Adelle

Millicent Hazel Linnea

Millicent Harriet Anne

Millicent Ivy Frances

Millicent Ruby Juliet

Millicent Jemima Ruth

Millicent Celia Rose

Millicent Evangeline Jane

Millicent Edith Poppy

Millicent Elisabeth Loiusa

Millicent Gwenna Alice

Millicent Margaret Jane

Millicent Hesper Lucy

Millicent Lillith Greta

Millicent Ursuline Pearl

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  1. 1

    Lola said,

    I like Millicent. If my OH didn’t run around saying “And now my dear Millicent….. you must DIE!” because of “Dark Shadows” Millie is adorable, too. I love solid but slightly frilly Millicent. Of your combos, Millicent Ivy Frances jumped out at me, but it’s got a rhythm I like very much. Millicent Edith Poppy is close, but I think I’d rather Millicent Poppy… Jane perhaps. But the thought of Millicent Poppy absolutely charms me Milliicent Hesper Lucy is sweet too.

    • 2

      babynamelover said,

      What is “Dark Shadows” Lola? that would put me off hehe. Can I add Millicent Poppy Jane to my list? Millicent Margaret appeals to me what would you put with it as a third middle name? Millicent Ivy Frances is my favourite too 🙂 oh feel free to take any of my combos if you want to Lola 🙂

  2. 3

    Lola said,

    Dark Shadows was a Gothic Soap Opera that ran from 1966 to about 1971.

    A fun thing. There’s every monster you can think of (or recreations of them) time travelling and a sympathetic vampire! It’s also where my Mom got my name (There’s a Laura in the first season of the show, an evil lady! Thanks Mama!)
    Feel free to swipe Millicent Poppy Jane! Millicent Margaret is tough, makes me think “Milly, Molly, Mandy series a bit but I do like Margaret, a lot. Millicent Margaret Anne, Millicent Margaret Cecile, Millicent Margaret Mary (I like the 3 M’s together, visually), Millicent Margaret Iris, perhaps. I’m no good with combos before my second cup of coffee and I’m not quite there yet! Millicent Ivy Frances really is divine. Fresh, Sweet and completely grounded without being stodgy. Perfect!

    • 4

      babynamelover said,

      Hehe least you got a name from somewhere different and interesting 🙂 when I was younger Laura Kaye was on the top of my baby name list, I used to have a little notebook but I think I threw it out when I started my new list and love of liking old fashioned names I wish I had kept it now, I won’t do that again!!
      Thanks I really like Millicent Poppy Jane, hubby dislikes Millicent so don’t think Ill be able to use it but I may be able to persuade him!
      I like the Milly Molly Mandy connection thats why I had Millicent Margaret 🙂 hehe wondered if you would pick that up 🙂
      OOh I do like Millicent Margaret Mary can I have that one too? Anne is charming on the end too 🙂

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