Lucy Harriet June

Lucy Hannah Jane

Lucy Sarah Madeleine

Lucy Eleanor Ruby

Lucy Dinah Rose

Lucy Rowan Saffron

Lucy Margaret Alice

Lucy Beatrix Mathile

Lucy Jemima Winifred

Lucy Winter Helen

Lucy Genevieve

Lucy Caroline

Lucy Marigold

Lucy Ursula

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    Lola said,

    I adore Lucy, and if she didn’t feel lopsided next to Josephine, I’d use it for a sister to her. But alas, she is too small & sweet next to regal and gorgeous Josephine. So I put Lucy in the middle all the time!

    From your list: Lucy Genevieve is perfection! Lucy Jemima is sweet and while I like Jemima Winifred, I don’t think all three of them together are a good fit. ut Lucy Jemima, now that’s gorgeous! Lucy Eleanor Ruby is third. The only downer there//elanoR Ruby. Trips me up the slightest bit. Lucy Ursula is beautiful. A bit hissy but beautiful. And Lucy Marigold is storybookish and charming. Really lovely, Lucy Marigold! πŸ˜€

    • 2

      babynamelover said,

      Thanks Lola πŸ™‚ Lucy Genevieve is my favourite but Lucy Marigold is probably going to be my number one now πŸ™‚ Do you like any of the longer Lucy variants to go with Josephine like Lucinda, Lucienne?

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