Grace Emmeline Poet

Grace Elinor July

Grace Fenella Joyce

Grace Hermosa Maeve

Grace Lucretia Primrose

Grace Ophelie Pearl

Grace Poppy Riveria

Grace Cora Jasmine

Grace Francesca Alice

Grace Autumn June

Grace Augusta Ruby

Grace Vivienne

Grace Helene

Grace Llewella

Grace Temperance

Grace Wisteria

which ones do you like? which would you change? thanks as always šŸ˜‰

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    Lola said,

    Grace Ophelie Pearl has the best flow, for me. Grace Lewella is pretty awesome, in & of itself too.

    I’m wary of virtue names, it seems that the owners of them are the opposite of thier virtue. At least, in my experience. I like a good handful of them (Verity, Amity, Prudence & Constance among them) but what if Verity ends up a liar; Amity, a loner; Prudence, a daredevil & Constance is fickle? So a Grace of mine would be a great klutz! šŸ˜€

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