some combo’s

Beatrice Prunella Grace

Iris Prunella Jane

Margaret Prunella Mary

Katherine Prunella Alice

Sarah Prunella Jean

Araminta Poppy Prunella

Prunella Joyce Jacinta

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    Lola said,

    I’m thrilled to see Prunella! I think it’s so sweet and pretty but almost everyone looks at it and sees “prune”. It’s like Drucilla, Most people go “wasn’t that Cinderella’s wicked stepsister”? And it’s not. Drizella was her name. Drucilla is gorgeous and has the potential for the sporty Dru as a nickname. I love near Boston, so anything that can break down to Pru is out for me. That’s what the biggest building in Boston is called. *sigh* No Prudence either.
    From your combos, I quite like Iris Prunella Jane and Katherine Prunella Alice. Prunella overwhelms almost everything in every other combo but stands apart nicely in the two I like best. Margaret Prunella is lovely, but Mary trips it up a bit. I like Mary quite a lot but Margaret & mary together, even with Prunella in between screams “Niun!” to this former Catholic school girl.

    And so nice to see Araminta Poppy here, but not with Prunella. Araminta’s already OTT enough for most, she needs normal names next to her, to balance her out: Araminta Poppy Jane, Araminta Poppy Louise, Araminta Poppy June, Araminta Poppy Therese. see what I mean?

  2. 2

    babynamelover said,

    Thanks for your opinion and help always greatful 🙂 I love Araminta Poppy Jane 🙂

    what do you think of Dulcima?

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