My favourite names starting with A :)

Astrid: I love this name, especially because of this character

August: my favourite boys name beginning with A, closely followed by Arlo & Ariki. I love that its a month name, and its a month leading into spring! I love that you can use the nickname Gus! :)

What are your favourite names beginning with A and why? :)

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Name pairings… what are your favourite boy/girl sibsets?

Zeppelin & Athena

Barnaby & Artemis

Zeus & Freya

Milo & Iris

Rupert & Hazel

Gulliver & Hermione

Ignatius & Willa

Finnegan & Isolde

Amos & Olive

August & Isadora

Monty & Thea

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The next hottest NEW ZEALAND girls name could be…

The hot girls names in NZ fall into two patterns.

Three or four letter names ending in a with;

either  double letters ie two a’s or two m’s  (1)

or a “luh” sound (2)

or both (3)

or a spelling variation (ie Maia to Mia)


Previous contesters

Maia (1) was the first hot name to hit NZ by storm that I remember along with her sisters Mia and the less common Maya. Maia’s highest placing was #15 in 2005 but she sure seemed more popular!  Mia still currently sits at #14 the more preferred spelling perhaps?

Emma (1) was number #1 in 2003,  2004 & 2005 and currently sitting #13 the teen’s is where all the hot names sit

 Ava #10,  Isla #12, Emma #13 and Mia #14

Ella (3) her year of Queen was 2007,  she was #3 and #4 in 2004 & 2005 respectively. Ella still sits within the top 10 at number #7 perhaps testament to her appeal as a (3).

Ava (1) First entered the top 100 in 2003 at #93 she made a huge leap of 43 places in just one year! Ava was #50 in 2004.  She hovered for a year before climbing to #26 (2005) and then #18 (2006), still hot Ava stayed within the top 20 for four years before entering the top 10 at #10 in 2012 for the first time!

Isla (2) Suddenly everyone was talking about Isla the sweetest undiscovered name until… She entered in 2004 at #92,  up to #88 the next year and like Ava a huge jump up to #47 in 2006.  Isla suffered a small fall in 2007 before climbing  to #30 in 2008.  Just one year later she broke the top 20 at #18. Isla is hovered outside the top 10 for the last two years at 13 and 12. Will she break into the top 10 for 2013?

Mila (2) This slavic diminutive entered in 2010 at #84. She jumped a huge 53 places to #31 in 2011. Seems like the hottest names are only getting hotter as New Zealand parents look for that special name! In 2012 Mila was #24, I wonder will she break the inside the top 20 for 2013.

Is Ayla the next hottest girls name? Shes a 3 like Ella sharing both double sounds and the “luh” magic :) she also seems trendy with her y! She entered in 2008 at #97, just made it in 2009,  made a 20 point leap to #77 in 2010, up 1 in 2011 and sitting at #74 in 2012, only time will tell!

or could it be Lola hovering in the late 80’s/9o’s who is is also a 3?


Here are some choices that are undiscovered but possess the formula to become a hottest name :)

1. Etta, Vada, Aura, Aja, Ara, Alba, Asha, Taja.

2. Nola, Zola, Orla, Eula, Ilja. 

3. Lula, Lila, Nala, Ebba, Zala. 

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The best of New Zealand birth announcements


Arlo James- Cassia

Dexter Bernard Noel

Stirling Michael Christopher

Jed Raumati Moeahu- Harper

Israel Koni Campbell

Mio Anton- Aurelia

Zaia Amir Frances- Zachary

Matai Will- Knox

Reid Axel Callum- Baxter

Rafe Samuel- India

Quincey Hammond- Kaiya

Crispin Benedict- Sebastian & Dominic

Jarvis Kelvin- Hugo & Tallulah



Roam Violet- Alaska

Camilla Mary Christine- Maddison

Olive Grace- Maggie

Senka May- Mason

Eliza Penelope

Aurelia Saskia Romy Fleur- Alexia, Laura, Logan & Romy

Willa Joy

Ingrid Clare- Pippa

Pippa June- Caleb, Connor, Jack, Lucas & Jed

Elodie Milla- Gabriella & Luciana

Huia Blackshaw- Maia & Aria

Reyvl Eleanor Rameka- Devyn, Tayvius & Vaydem

Iris Kitty Lulu- Tate, Ben, Kelly & Harriet ( the dog :))

Zinni Rose

Eliza Marion- Jasper

Tui Valda Rosalie

Vita Olive Elsie



George Laurence & Tessa Catherine- Eddie

Isla Elizabeth & Hugo Duncan- Campbell

Sam Anthony & Arthur William- Walter & Pippa

Matilda Jane Jenniphere &  Harriett Jane Margaret- Barney, Emma & Angus

Poppy Petal & Olive Jessica- Louie & Arlo

Cooper Price & Kea Lee

Vinnie & Frankie- Gino

Emmeline & Frances

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Girls ending in ia
























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“Oh its Alfred…..a”

Clunky but with super cool nicknames!

Alfreda-  Freddie/ Alfie

Alberta-  Bertie/ Albie

Augusta- Augie/Gussie

Edwina- Eddie/Winnie

Ernesta- Ernie/Nessie

Ferdinanda- Ferdie

Gilberte- Bertie/ Gigi/ Gigi

Ignatia- Iggy

Octavia- Tovy

Theodora- Dory/ Thea

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Z names that are fun to say :)

I love boys names beginning with Z! Here are a few of my favourites.

Zappa- another musican inspired anthroponym. Frank Vincent Zappa  composed a variety of musical genre works along with directing feature length films and music videos and designing album covers

Zedekiah- From biblical beginnings meaning “The lord is just” in Hebrew. In the Old Testament the last king of Judah. Nickname possibilities of both Zed and Zeke.

Zelig- Yiddish, form of Selig meaning happy and blessed also a  mockumentary written and directed by Woody Allen. Your dictionary defines it as ”….  an ordinary person who can change themselves to imitate anyone they are near”

Zephyr- From the Greek Zephyrus who was a Anemoi, a  god of the west wind.  The gentlest wind and the messenger of spring.

Zeppelin- Is a type of airship the man who invented it was Count Ferdinand von Zeppelin a German.  Led Zeppelin were an English rock band consisting of Jimmy Page, Robert Plant, John Paul Jones and John Bonham.

Ziggy- Ziggy Stardust is a song by David Bowie it is of German origin and means victorious peace. Also reminds me of a zigzag!

Zinc- a metallic compound, short and spunky!

Zocalo- is the square in the heart of Mexico city, a gathering place since Aztec times.

Zodiac- is a celestial coordinate system which was first used in the Roman era, its name comes from the Greek ”zoidiakos kuklos” meaning circle of animals. These days the zodiac is more  known for the 12 horoscopes; Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricornus, Aquarius and Pisces but these are used to track the suns path across the sky and the path of the moon and plants along the ecliptic. 

Zowie-  Greek meaning life, traditionally used as a girls name- but I think a boy could pull it off just as well :)

Zurlo- A last name with Italian and Greek roots ” crazy and enthusiastic”  a  similar feel to Arlo.




60,0001 + baby names by Diane Stafford

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